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Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Sep 4 08:45:02 MDT 2008


> Ok I did word that a bit odd.    
> Oh well hope this will be simpler. 
> The format on the CORS site,
> for example list the following files:
> Kyti2440.08d.z
> Kyti2440.08o.qz
> Kyti2440.08s
> The Ashtech Software is looking for
> the rinex files with the following 
> file formats that include the
> *.*O or *.*D format. What I'm
> looking for are the OBS, NAV G, MET so I can convert
> To the Ashtech format of B-FILE, E-FILE,
> For example, and my question is, what file(s) to
> Use ? Can I just use any of the three
> Kyti files? by renaming it or them. 
> Kyti2240.O8o.qz  -> kyti244.08o
> Kyti2440.O8d.z   -> kyti244.08D 
> These files will be used for post-processing.

Well, first, that should be:

kyti2440.08o.gz -- this is a RINEX obs file compressed with gzip
kyti2440.08d.Z  -- this is a Hatanaka-compression of a RINEX obs file,
                    and then compressed with `compress`

First, you have to uncompress one of these, e.g.

`gunzip kyti2440.08o.gz` creates kyti2440.08o
`uncompress kyti2440.08d.Z` creates kyti2440.08d

If the Ashtech software can read the Hatanaka-compressed file
kyti2440.08d, so much the better, but then you really only need
kyti2440.08o or kyti2440.08d.

I very much doubt that the Ashtech software requires renaming
the files into uppercase, i.e. kyti2440.08O or kyti2440.08D.


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