[teqc] -tbin Rocks!

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Sep 26 07:30:10 MDT 2008

Mark Silver wrote:
> -tbin Automatic Windowing

> This simple command:
>   teqc +notices +obs + -tbin 8h slci 10032661.08O
> does it ALL. Output files renamed, 8-hour windows.

The command could have been even shorter, Mark!  Output of notices
== '+notice' occurs by default, so you could have done the same
with just `teqc +obs + -tbin 8h slci 10032661.08O`. :)

Reminder to future users: -tbin works on raw data as input, too.

The '-tbin' functionality will be in the next teqc release.  That
release was supposed to have occurred this week, but Jim Ray (@ NGS,
also current IGS Analysis Center Coordinator) found a 9+ year old
bug where teqc was incorrectly time stamping some GPS nav messages
collected late on Saturday just before week rollover to be one week
in the future.  (This was not spotted earlier probably because the
incorrectly time tagged nav messages rarely or never got used.)
Anyway, the bug fix is going to be tested on all data that comes
into the UNAVCO archive during this upcoming end-of-week rollover.
Assuming all goes well, we'll be on track for a release next week.


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