[teqc] uBlox raw data

Sam Storm van Leeuwen samsvl at nlr.nl
Mon Sep 29 05:44:04 MDT 2008

LEA-4T can be off by 2.5 msec at 1Hz update rate.


At 01:35 PM 9/29/2008 +0200, you wrote:
>Dear colleges,
>i would like to know if someone could supply me raw data (to generate 
>rinex file) from uBlox TIM-LL and LEA-4T.
>I would like to check if the data is sampled at a round second, or closed 
>to it (need to be extrapolated to a round second) at 1Hz sample rate. It 
>also interest me to know for 10Hz, how close the measurements to the time 
>they are suppose to measured (x.00, x.10, x.20, .. x.90)

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