[teqc] odd teqc bug found

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Oct 23 10:30:56 MDT 2008


Due to some seemingly minor code changes that were introduced on 19 Mar 2008,
the following situation results in an incorrect qc of RINEX from an Ashtech

1) the user is using one or more of these flags with the +qc option:

    -P  -- intended use is only when there is no P1 or P2 data
    -L2 -- intended use is only when there is no L2 data
    +C2 -- (any version from 26 Feb 2007 or later) only a translation amendment option

2) the "# / TYPES OF OBSERV" header line precedes the "REC # / TYPE / VERS"
header line, and

3) the receiver type is identified in the "REC # / TYPE / VERS" header line
as being from an Ashtech receiver (i.e. the type field starts with "ASHTECH")

If all these conditions occur when using a teqc version between 19 Mar 2008
and 22 Oct 2008, the resulting qc is potentially wrong and should not be used.

Sorry for any problems that this has caused, but this set of conditions was
not even remotely one that we had tested.


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