[teqc] uBlox raw data

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Nov 5 07:33:53 MST 2008


> I have to check a station with TEQC but I have a trouble because the
> receiver and the antenna/dome designation does not match any in the IGS
> standard table....

It doesn't matter whether your receiver and/or antenna/dome designations
are in the IGS table or not -- unless you are trying to process data at
NGS/CORS, SOPAC, JPL, etc. where, if your equipment has not been calibrated
for high-precision processing, then certain corrections cannot be made,
e.g. the antenna phase center pattern (see, e.g. http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/ANTCAL ).

Whether or not your equipment is listed in the IGS table is purely
informational for you, the user, as far as teqc is concerned.  Teqc
doesn't care. Proceed.

> i would like to know if someone could tell if i can work with this
> receiver: ZY12 and teh antenna Ashtech Geodetic 3.

If the receiver and antenna are compatible electrically, and the
receiver can track what you are interested in, then yes.  If you
are not sure about the electrical compatibility, this is a better
question for the gpstech at unavco.org list.  (UNAVCO hosts the list
serve for the gpstech list, but the list members are world-wide
like the teqc list members, but with a broader scope of GPS
technology issues.)


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