[teqc] teqc support

Miguel Angel Bayas mbayas at mail.igm.gov.ec
Wed Nov 5 10:03:25 MST 2008

Dear colleges,

I've tried to do the quality check of the stations of Ecuador, but I was
searching the best command to do the QC of the rinex files.

But, like it is our first time doing the quality check, I hope if you can
help us with two tasks..

1. How I can transform files to Rinex? what is the command I have to use?
   I working by the momment with Trimble Geomatic Office and its not
support rinex version 2.1 or higher
   We are trying to get de Bernesse software but we need to solve this
trouble and I don't know what is the best choice.. TEQC can give a
rinex file with 2.0 version or less or I have to update my TGO

2. We need to execute the SIRGAS recommendation doing the QC to rinex
files, but my questions is??? what is the usual command to do this QC? and
which file I have to use, I mean the QC restore the observations file or
its generate a new file??, the file has to show that it was checking by

I hope you can help me and understand what I want to say... and I
appologize with you for my mistakes, 'cause I don't have a good english


Miguel Bayas
Proceso de Geodesia
Quito - Ecuador

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