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Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Nov 5 10:09:32 MST 2008

> I've tried to do the quality check of the stations of Ecuador, but I was
> searching the best command to do the QC of the rinex files.
> But, like it is our first time doing the quality check, I hope if you can
> help us with two tasks..
> 1. How I can transform files to Rinex? what is the command I have to use?

That depends on what the format of the file is.  You can try `teqc +mdf filename`
and if you agree with what teqc says the format of the file is, then
translation to RINEX obs can be accomplished with as little as `teqc filename`.
If you don't agree, or need more options during translation, then see

>    I working by the momment with Trimble Geomatic Office and its not
> support rinex version 2.1 or higher
>    We are trying to get de Bernesse software but we need to solve this
> trouble and I don't know what is the best choice.. TEQC can give a
> rinex file with 2.0 version or less or I have to update my TGO
> software??

The design of teqc is to output a specific version of RINEX, and currently
that is 2.11 for the observation files.  This is what is output whether
you are translating raw data (old or current) to RINEX, or editing RINEX
(version 1, 2, or 2.xx <= 2.11).

Trimble's TGO, the last I heard, simply will not accept RINEX obs labeled
as 2.11, regardless of what is in it.  (This might even be just simple
L1-only data with L1 and C1.)

As long as your RINEX obs does not contain anything specific to 2.11 that
is not in 2.10 (e.g. GPS L2C code pseudorange = "C2" in RINEX 2.11), then
just edit the first line of the RINEX file, changing the "2.11" to "2.10"
and re-try it in TGO.

> 2. We need to execute the SIRGAS recommendation doing the QC to rinex
> files, but my questions is??? what is the usual command to do this QC? and
> which file I have to use, I mean the QC restore the observations file or
> its generate a new file??, the file has to show that it was checking by
> TEQC??

I'm not familiar with any SIRGAS recommendation, but if you want to
qc the RINEX using teqc, it should be fairly straightforward; see


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