[teqc] TEQC translate Trimble R8 GNSS?

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Nov 5 13:37:42 MST 2008

hi Greg,

> I am aware TEQC does not support translation of the Trimble binary files 
> logged via the R8/2 (GNSS) receivers. Is this a capability that is 
> planned in the future?

Well, this is a little complicated, but I think the answer is yes.

There are three types of binary files associated with Trimble receivers.

One is the .r00/.t00/.t01 format which is proprietary and you need
Trimble software to read those.  There is no plan to ever have teqc
be able to read those.

The next type is created from the .r00/.t00/.t01 files, and is what
we call a .dat fileset.  Using Trimble's jargon, teqc can read what
they call a .dat file with the RT17 data payload.  This is the classic
.dat file (with associated .mes, .eph, and/or .ion files) that we
had from the 4000 series receivers with the data in .dat record 17.
Teqc can read these just fine even if they are from the NetRS, NetR5,
R7, R8, NetR8, ...

With the newer receivers, starting with the NetRS I think, you can
instead convert the .t00/.t01 files into a .dat-like file (which
Trimble now calls .tgd) which has what they call the RT27 data payload,
which has the data in a new .dat-like record 27.  (The rest of the
fileset has the usual .mes, .eph, and/or .ion files.)  Trimble has
released the structure of this record 27 to UNAVCO through a
non-disclosure agreement and I'm in the midst of getting this

The third type of data is Trimble's stream format.  Again, this
now can exist with the data either in the RT17 type structure -- which
the current teqc can read -- or in the RT27 type structure -- which,
again, I'm working on.

Hope this helps clarify the situation for users.


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