[teqc] [Fwd: teqc support]

Miguel Angel Bayas mbayas at mail.igm.gov.ec
Fri Nov 7 09:20:48 MST 2008

Dear colleges,

Thanks for your help in my problems with TEQC, and I have another
questions for you....

Is possible to join 2 rinex files??....

I have GYEC3110.08o, GYEC311T28.08o. The first one is from 00:00:00 to
17:52:00, and the second file is from 17:52:01 to 23:59:59, and I want to
join this file to become a 1 file.

Is it possible to do that with TEQC???

I hope you can help me..

Miguel Bayas
Proceso de Geodesia
Quito - Ecuador

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