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I often find that the error messages reported by OPUS are what seems to be a 
random error message that may or may not be related to the actual problem. 
Many times resubmitting your data at a later date produces a solution. You 
could actually have the reported problem, but more than likely the error 
message is being generated due to submitting your data file very shortly 
after collection when the data from the surrounding CORS sites is not yet 
available. OPUS is very particular about the formatting, even ONE extra 
space or character in the header will cause the submittal to fail. You can 
edit the RINEX files with any text editor, just be careful!


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> Jonathan Allan wrote:
>> Subject: editing data in a GPS file
>> From: "Jonathan Allan" <jonathan.allan at dogami.state.or.us>
>> Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 05:24:49 -0800
>> To: <teqc at ls.unavco.org>
>> I recently submitted a GPS file to the NGS OPUS website for post 
>> processing.
>> However, I soon received an error message back indicating the 
>> following...
>>  The RINEX data submitted to OPUS contains data taken from more than one 
>> 1014   location.  This can be verified by opening up your RINEX file and
>>  1014   searching for "MARKER".  OPUS will only process data taken from 
>> one
>>  1014   location.  Try separating the data into individual files and then 
>> 1014   re-submit the data
>>  1014   Aborting...
>>  Could someone comment on the best way to edit the rinex file?
>> I have tried editing the rinex file using a text editor and then
>> resubmitted the data but I am now experiencing format errors or
>> time issues.  Should I be using teqc to do this?
>>  Thanks
>> Jon
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> Maybe the first thing to do is see if you agree with the OPUS software.
> Is the RINEX file for two or more points?  If not, then there is some
> other problem.
> If it is for two or more, teqc could be used to split it up, but you
> would have to know the time periods that the antenna was at each point,
> and then edit the original file by time windowing:
> http://facility.unavco.org/software/teqc/tutorial.html#sec_13
> and probably additionally use the -O.mo and -O.mn options for each time
> splice to make sure that the marker name and number are correct for
> that period of time.
> In case of continuing problems with OPUS, though, the best thing to
> do is contact OPUS support at ngs.opus at noaa.gov
> Hope this helps.
> cheers,
> --lou
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