[teqc] Re: editing data in a GPS file

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Nov 14 09:47:33 MST 2008

Shelby H. Griggs, PLS wrote:
> [...] OPUS is very particular about the 
> formatting, even ONE extra space or character in the header will cause 
> the submittal to fail. You can edit the RINEX files with any text 
> editor, just be careful!

Any ASCII editor, anyway.  (I wouldn't recommend anything
like Microsoft Word!)

Shelby is right about the spacing, too, and it's not just OPUS.
RINEX is rigidly formatted, more than one might imagine just
looking first time at a random RINEX file.  See, e.g.


where if you go down to the tables (A1, ...) at the end, you'll
see the formatting specified (in Fortran-ese) for each line at
the right.


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