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Schmidt, Michael Michael.Schmidt at NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca
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Dear Miguel

In your conversion you appear to be using:
-O.obs "L1 L2 C1 P2" 
which does not include either the C2 or P1 which you are looking for.

In order to include these observables (L2C and P1) in your RINEX file you will have to modify your RINEX conversion, for example:

-O.obs "C1 C2 P1 P2 L1 L2" (note inclusion of C2 and P1)

That said:
1) Am assuming that you are using a Leica GRX1200 equipped with the optional L2C tracking option;
2) The Leica GRX1200 series receiver does not provide a P1 measurement to the best of my knowledge.

Also please ensure you are using the latest version of teqc.

Hope this helps

Best Regards


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Dear colleges,

I working with:
Receptor: GRX1200  (Leica)
Antenna : Choke Ring AT504 GG

I did the quality check of a Rinex File but I have a question???

When I run the command "teqc +qc -plot filename.08o" it generates a "filename.08S"

meantime in the header of the rinex file appears

9    C1    L1    D1    S1    P2    L2    D2    S2    C2# / TYPES OF OBSERV

why in the "filename.08S" the C2 (C/A code pseudorange) and P1 appears like it has no data


SV #+hor <ele> #+mask <ele> #reprt #compl  L1  L2  P1   P2     CA    L2C
- ------ ----- ------ ----- ------ ------ --- --- ---- ---- ------ ------
G 2*  0  0.00  0  0.00   1279   1278   1279   1278  0   1278   1279      0
G 4*  0  0.00  0  0.00   1219   1218   1219   1218  0   1218   1219      0
G 5*  0  0.00  0  0.00   1246   1245   1246   1245  0   1245   1246      0


It is a problem?

I tried "teqc +C2 -O.obs "L1 L2 C1 P2" "Filename.08o">"filanamen.08o", but in the "filename.08S"
appears again the (P1, L2c without data)

I hope you can help me or tell me If I was working by the wrong way.


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