[teqc] Rinex Version 2.11 in Nav files

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Jan 19 07:35:53 MST 2009

Dear Uwe,

> is there a reason, why teqc can't splice GPS and GLONASS navigation
> files of rinex version 2.11?
> I can splice Observation files wich are rinex version 2.11, but with the
> navigation files teqc reports the following error messages:
> teqc: failure to read '     2.11           NAVIGATION DATA
>            RINEX VERSION / TYPE' on line 1 of
> '/gpsdata/OHI3/work/OHI3018A.09N'
>         (unaccepted RINEX version or non-RINEX file; must be RINEX
> Version <= 2.10) ... exiting

The reason is: there are no such RINEX files defined!

See: ftp://ftp.unibe.ch/aiub/rinex/rinex211.txt
esp. Table A3 & A8 (for GPS) and A10 & A12 (for GLONASS).

The highest defined 2.xx versions of these two types of RINEX
nav files is 2.10, not 2.11.  (There _is_, however, a 2.11
RINEX nav file defined for SBAS.)


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