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Giorgi Khazaradze gkhazar at ub.edu
Thu Jan 22 02:55:31 MST 2009

Thanks a lot to all for useful suggestions.

After examining the data more carefully, it's clear that the antenna at CABU
has problems tracking the L2, similar to AV37 and other stations that Karl
has mentioned. 

It's a bit frustrating that antennas that cost that much and are so new (in
our case less than one year) fail so easily. In out project (Topo-Iberia) we
have had similar problems with at least 3 antennas (out of 25 or 26).



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Mike forwarded me your email about the poor tracking.

We have seen this more and more in the last year of PBO.    Basically,  
the antenna slowly stops tracking on L2.   First at low elevations;  
sometimes not at all.   In any event, we believe the problem is due to  
a failure of the low noise amplifier in the antenna.    My guess would  
be that you are having the same problem with your station.

Jeff mentioned our station AV37.   This is one of our stations on  
Unimak Island that we suspect has a bad LNA.   Unfortunately, we can  
not get out there until next summer.   This is a table view of the L1  
and L2 SNR vs. elevation for each satellite.   Clearly, there is a  
problem with L2.

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