[teqc] help with windowing

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Jan 27 12:03:32 MST 2009

hi Jonathan,

> I am trying to split out a specific time window from a rinex file using 
> teqc (file was measured using a Trimble 5800 GPS unit.  I have the 
> following command, which is run in a DOS cnd shell…
> teqc +st 20090123212908 -e 20090123233631  57730230.09o > t0230.09o
> However, the command does not appears to do anything (appears to read 
> the file but does not create a new file)?
> What am I missing?

The command syntax generally looks right to me, though (an aside) you are
allowed to put in certain metacharacters to make the date/time strings
more readable, e.g.

teqc -st 2009-01-23-21:29:08 -e 2009-01-23-23:36:31 57730230.09o > t0230.09o

What do you get if you execute the following?

teqc +mds 57730230.09o


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