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Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Jan 27 12:30:07 MST 2009

Did you notice the following at http://facility.unavco.org/software/teqc/teqc.html#executables ?

Note to Microsoft Windows users: None of the teqc.exe executables
available are MS Windows GUIs; they are all command line programs.
Clicking on teqc.exe will only result in a window popping up for
a fraction of a second. You must use a DOS emulation window and
run teqc.exe on the command line. For example, on MS 2000 and XP,
click on Start and then Run, and in the Run window type cmd and
click on OK to bring up a DOS emulation window.

I don't use teqc on Windows except for exceptional debugging problems,
but the above approach has always worked for me.


> Yes, I discovered your suggestion below in another thread (makes life
> much easier when reading date strings).
> I tried your last suggestion but could not see the result as the DOS cmd
> window disappears after execution (is there a way to prevent it from
> doing that?).
> Cheers
> Jon
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> hi Jonathan,
>> I am trying to split out a specific time window from a rinex file
> using 
>> teqc (file was measured using a Trimble 5800 GPS unit.  I have the 
>> following command, which is run in a DOS cnd shell...
>> teqc +st 20090123212908 -e 20090123233631  57730230.09o > t0230.09o
>> However, the command does not appears to do anything (appears to read 
>> the file but does not create a new file)?
>> What am I missing?
> The command syntax generally looks right to me, though (an aside) you
> are
> allowed to put in certain metacharacters to make the date/time strings
> more readable, e.g.
> teqc -st 2009-01-23-21:29:08 -e 2009-01-23-23:36:31 57730230.09o >
> t0230.09o
> What do you get if you execute the following?
> teqc +mds 57730230.09o
> --lou
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