[teqc] Teqc eating files

Homan, Thomas thoman at co.gila.az.us
Mon Feb 9 16:48:13 MST 2009


Thought I'd pass along an interesting event with teqc that could cause
headaches for others.

I had a user that was hand entering (text editor) comments into the
RINEX header prior to using teqc to do some other editing tasks. In this
particular case, a comment was inserted just above the XYZ position to
indicate the source of the values. Anyway, for some reason this person
inserted trailing spaces after the word COMMENT beyond the 80 character
limit. If you want to see teqc come to a rude, screeching halt insert
too many spaces after the final character in pretty much any line,
header or obs section.

Educating the user has mitigated the error but I got to thinking maybe
this small piece of error checking (a right trim on each line read or
just read the first 80 characters) might be in order and help out others
in the future.



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