[teqc] Teqc eating files

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Feb 10 11:24:55 MST 2009

hi Tom,

> Thought I'd pass along an interesting event with teqc that could cause 
> headaches for others.
> I had a user that was hand entering (text editor) comments into the 
> RINEX header prior to using teqc to do some other editing tasks. In this 
> particular case, a comment was inserted just above the XYZ position to 
> indicate the source of the values. Anyway, for some reason this person 
> inserted trailing spaces after the word COMMENT beyond the 80 character 
> limit. If you want to see teqc come to a rude, screeching halt insert 
> too many spaces after the final character in pretty much any line, 
> header or obs section.

Yes, in case like this teqc will exit cleanly and say something like:

teqc: failure to read '                                                            COMMENT               ' on line 9 of 'srp1328p.04o'
         (RINEX line does not terminate correctly; try '+relax' option) ... exiting

Obviously you did not read the last line.  Using the file with the
above line with too many spaces after 'COMMENT' (exceeding the RINEX
limit of 80 printable ASCII characters per line -- note that the actual
line is printed out between the single quotes in the above message):

[461] teqc +relax srp1328p.04o 2>/dev/null | more
      2.11           OBSERVATION DATA    G (GPS)             RINEX VERSION / TYPE
teqc  2009Feb10     Lou Estey           20090210 18:11:27UTCPGM / RUN BY / DATE
srp1                                                        MARKER NAME
                                                             MARKER NUMBER
                                                             OBSERVER / AGENCY
3608A14573          TRIMBLE 4000SSI     Nav  7.29 / Boot  3 REC # / TYPE / VERS
      0                                                      RCV CLOCK OFFS APPL
                     TRM33429.00+GP                          ANT # / TYPE
Solaris 5.10|UltraSparc IIIi|cc -xarch=v9 SC5.8|=+|*Sparc   COMMENT
      2.1            OBSERVATION DATA    G (GPS)             COMMENT
GPSBase 2.30 2380                       23-Nov-04 07:59:48  COMMENT
  -2015276.9852 -4931449.9149  3495930.5855                  APPROX POSITION XYZ
        -0.0625        0.0000        0.0000                  ANTENNA: DELTA H/E/N
      1     1                                                WAVELENGTH FACT L1/2
      6    C1    P2    L1    L2    D1    D2                  # / TYPES OF OBSERV
      1.0000                                                 INTERVAL
   2004    11    23    15     0    0.0000000     GPS         TIME OF FIRST OBS
                                                             END OF HEADER
  04 11 23 15  0  0.0000000  0  7G27G13G19G23G16G 3G20

and all is well.

> Educating the user has mitigated the error but I got to thinking maybe 
> this small piece of error checking (a right trim on each line read or 
> just read the first 80 characters) might be in order and help out others 
> in the future.

Ain't gonna happen: there's already the above solution.  Plus, the
correct approach to editing RINEX is to use the tools already in
teqc.  In this case, adding comments to an obs file should be done
with the +O.c option:

teqc +O.c "add this comment" file_in.09o > file_out.09o

(You don't have any control over where this goes in the header using
the '+O.c' approach, but that's life.  At least the file should end up
being formatted correctly.)

Lastly, I personally feel that your subject line of "Teqc eating files"
is quite alarmist and inaccurate.  It would be more helpful to me
and others on this list if the subject line is a bit more thought out.


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