[teqc] Problem with Rinex output for Topcon Receiver

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Feb 12 15:19:57 MST 2009

Jack Tisdale wrote:

> I'm experiencing a problem using teqc to convert from Topcon TPS/JPS 
> format to Rinex. I've successfully used teqc to parse these files 
> before, but for some reason, I've got a TPS file that teqc won't output 
> the correct .nav files for. The nav file that teqc outputs only has data 
> for two satellites, as opposed to the 7+ satellites in the observations 
> file. There's nothing in the output of teqc that suggests it's finding a 
> problem with the file.
> I've used the tps2rin tool on this TPS file and it outputs the correct 
> ephemeris files.  If anybody wants to try to replicate the error, the 
> tps file can be found at 
> http://vehicle.me.berkeley.edu/~jtisdale/raw.jps 
> Any help would be much appreciated.

For Unix/Linux/Cygwin users, here's something you can do:

[669] teqc -top tpsn raw.jps 2> /dev/null

dumps the RINEX GPS nav file with the two ephemerides that Jack notes, and

[670] teqc +diag -top tpsn raw.jps 2>&1 | more

shows the parsing of raw.jps (originally as stderr) and mixes that
with the generation of the RINEX GPS nav as the [GE] TPS/JPS
messages are encountered -- so you can see which two [GE] messages
teqc is happy with.  Then:

[670] teqc +diag -top tps +mds raw.jps 2>&1 | grep "\"GE\"$" | wc -l

shows that there are 30 [GE] messages total in raw.jps -- a bunch
at near the beginning and a bunch towards the end, and there aren't
any checksum errors:

[674] teqc +diag -top tps +mds raw.jps 2>&1 | grep checksum | wc -l

It will take some more digging to explain the difference.  No
clues yet.


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