[teqc] Problem with Rinex output for Topcon Receiver

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Feb 17 09:57:01 MST 2009

Lou Estey wrote:
> So, you, the users, tell me.  What's the optimal strategy?
> It's also worth noting that (currently) the ToC times of GPS
> nav messages are normally exactly at the 2 hour marks (00,
> 02, 04, ..., 22) or a few nav messages with ToC at 16 seconds
> before those hours (e.g. 23:59:44).  So, the (not arbitrary!)
> selection of 1 hour of slop made for the code on 2008 July 24
> really does a nice job of excluding most nav messages from the
> previous day when make daily RINEX nav files.

After consulting with "top people", where's what going to happen:

1) the default "look into the past" from the obs epochs' start time
is changed to 2 hours, rather than the current 1 hour.

2) this is a changeable value with a new '-ToE_dt' option, so that
if it is set to some large value the user can then obtain all nav
messages (barring other filtering, of course).

So, with Jack's original TPS/JPS file in question:

[860] teqc -ToE_dt 1h -top tpsn -notice raw.jps | wc -l

which gives the original teqc functionality (and two GPS ephemerides
output from file raw.jps)

[861] teqc -top tpsn -notice raw.jps | wc -l

(now the new default) gives 4 more ephemerides than the original
(8 lines per GPS nav message in RINEX), and

[862] teqc -ToE_dt 1w -top tpsn -notice raw.jps | wc -l

gives 13 more than the original ('1w' = 1 week or 168 hours).

This will be in the next release.


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