R: [teqc] latest development version of teqc on-line (16 Mar 2009)

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Mar 20 15:15:50 MDT 2009

Lou Estey wrote:
>> [...] I suppose this also calls into question the
>> current constraint on eliminating a GPS nav message.  The code (for quite
>> a while now) has been rejecting any GPS nav message where ToE - ToW is
>> outside of -130 minutes or +180 minutes.  Your nav file has many message
>> where ToE - ToW to -720 minutes (== 1/2 day; this excludes the one with
>> ToE - ToW = -960 minutes == 16 hours).  Any thoughts on this?
> I'm still open to changing these bounds.

Nobody commented on this, so the bounds will remain as is.

Given that four different bugs were found since Monday
in the 2008Mar16 version:

* NetRS "1-1.0" firmware bug: using +meta on RINEX file
from a NetRS, or RINEX obs receiver version in header
if using -O.rv or using teqc as a RINEX-to-RINEX filter

* possible false week jumps in an Ashtech R-file made from
multiple R-files cat-ed together

* failed met extraction from character strings (e.g. in
BINEX comment strings)

* the qc full problem reported to teqc list

-- all of which appear to be fixed -- I'll reissue a
set of builds early next week, probably Monday.


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