[teqc] converting data and statistics

Hannan Sadar hannan.sadar at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 04:31:17 MDT 2009

Dear all,

i logged SBAS and GPS raw data with my uBlox (LEA-4T) GPS receiver.

How could i tell teqc to generate rinex file with only GPS data?
i wrote:
teqc -O.s G foobar.ubx > foobar.09o
and i got all the data (GPS and SBAS instead of only GPS)

i tried to do statistics on my data (+qc)
i wrote:
teqc +qc -nav foobar.09n foobar.09o > foobar.qc

and i got that all my measurement was ignored
Possible obs >   0.0 deg: 102308
Possible obs >  10.0 deg:  82269
Complete obs >  10.0 deg:      0
 Deleted obs >  10.0 deg:  82082

Obs reported w/ code | phase : 117262
Obs deleted (any reason)     : 117262
Obs complete                 :      0

is it possible to do statistics (+qc) directly from the raw data? (adding
navigation file)

Thank you for your help
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