[teqc] latest development version of teqc on-line (23 Mar 2009)

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Mar 23 11:58:05 MDT 2009

Five bugs found in the 16 Mar 2009 version (or earlier versions)
were fixed and there is a new release today.  The fixed bugs
since 16 Mar 2009:

* NetRS "1-1.0" firmware bug: using +meta on RINEX file
from a NetRS, or RINEX obs receiver version in header
if using -O.rv or using teqc as a RINEX-to-RINEX filter

* possible false week jumps in an Ashtech R-file made from
multiple R-files cat-ed together

* failed met extraction from character strings (e.g. in
BINEX comment strings)

* the qc full problem reported to teqc list

* ignoring initial old GPS time - UTC leap second value (from
before 1 Jan 2009) in Leica MDB GLONASS nav message which was
causing the ToE in the converted RINEX for the later current
GLONASS messages to be off by 1 second

Other than those fixes (repeating from last Monday):

* internal calendar updated for the UTC leap second insertion
at the end of 31 Dec 2008

* reading of Trimble RT27 data payload records in DAT download
format (though these might end up being called .tgd files) and
in Trimble's stream format; this includes GNSS tracking found
in Trimble's newer receivers like the NetR5 and NetR8; should
be viewed as an "alpha" version of this functionality

* reading of Leica's MDB record 119 for GNSS data; should
be viewed as as "alpha" version of this functionality

* changes in qc lite and qc full reporting; see
for more information

* default removal of duplicated SVs in RINEX output; this is
a rare but possible result in raw data

* capability to read met data from Trimble's newer receivers
if in Trimble stream format (met in stream data from older
receivers like the 4700 or 5700 worked fine in the past, but
Trimble changed how the met epoch time was stored in receivers
like the NetRS)

* more robust parsing of corrupted Ashtech R-file format
(previous version of teqc could result in a segmentation fault
during parsing)

* default ToE lookback allowance in time from first observation
epoch changed from 1 hour (see log entry for 2008 July 24) to
2 hours by default, and is now changeable using a new -ToE_dt option

* reading of Topcon TPS/Javad JPS format now skips over observation
epochs reporting zero SVs tracked (instead of terminating)

* new '+rx_state' option for extraction of receiver internal state
parameters from BINEX 0x7d records

* various bug fixes

Please report any abnormal or unexpected behaviour.


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