[teqc] netr5 t01 to dat translation

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Paul, Jeff, and others,

To get GLONASS, as well as GPS, data from runpkr00 you need to use the -g flag.

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Paul (and others),

You can download a Linux version of the Trimble R-Utilities, which includes
runpkr00, at the UNAVCO web site:


I've used it extensively and it works perfectly for T01 files.


On Apr 8, 2009, at 9:19 PM, Paul Denys wrote:

Hi Lou

It is great that you have teqc translating the trimble RT27.

However, my problem is translating the T01 files to DAT files.  I have
downloaded the windows version of runpkr00, which works ok.  However I do all my
processing etc on a linux machine and the linux versions do not seem to work.
Is there a linux version that will translate the RT27 or some other way of
generating DAT files for T01 files.

Paul Denys

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