[teqc] netr5 t01 to dat translation

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Apr 9 07:39:33 MDT 2009

John Beavan wrote:
> To get GLONASS, as well as GPS, data from runpkr00 you need to use the -g flag.

John is correct, but there are still a few caveats.

1) You have to have a NetR5, NetR8, or GNSS R7 (and maybe other rxs)
set to collect data in Trimble's new "RT27" data structure.  This is
what holds GNSS data.  The original "RT17" data structure just holds
GPS data.  In doing so, you now have a .t00 or .t01 (depending on
receiver) which could have GNSS data.

2) Translate with the most recent version of `runpkr00` possible.
Besides Linux, Trimble also provides builds for Solaris Sparc and
Solaris x86.  (We use `runpkr00` version 2.44 on Solaris here.) Using -g:

   .t00/.t01 -> .tgd (containing data records 27) if the .t00/.t01
        was collected with the "RT27" data structure (full GNSS)

   .t00/.t01 -> .dat (containing data records 17) if the .t00/.t01
        was collected with the "RT17" data structure (GPS + SBAS)

   (As far as I can tell, there is no other difference between a .tgd
   file and a .dat file.)

3) To convert .dat/.tgd to RINEX using `teqc`:

    .tgd -> use version 2009Mar23 (or later, as they become available)

    .dat -> use any version

   (In using `teqc`, think of either of these as a ".dat"-style format,
    so use "-tr d" -- if the autoidentify functionality of `teqc` is
    not able to identify the format.)

The point is: you can still have a NetR5, NetR8, or GNSS R7, have
the latest `runpkr00` from Trimble, convert your .t00/.t01 with it
using -g, and still not have full GNSS data in the final RINEX even
though it appears that SVs besides GPS are being tracked by the

Hope this helps.


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