[teqc] netr5 t01 to dat translation

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Apr 10 13:27:42 MDT 2009

Lou Estey wrote:
[ .t00/.t01 translation using `runpkr00 -g ...` ]
>   .t00/.t01 -> .tgd (containing data records 27) if the .t00/.t01
>        was collected with the "RT27" data structure (full GNSS)
>   .t00/.t01 -> .dat (containing data records 17) if the .t00/.t01
>        was collected with the "RT17" data structure (GPS + SBAS)

One small caveat that I forgot to mention yesterday even for GPS.
The original RT17 data structure only allows one code pseudorange
and its associated phase measure per SV per epoch; the new RT27
data structure allows multiples.

For GPS, this means, e.g., that for the current 6 fully commissioned
GPS SVs and 1 not-yet-commissioned GPS SV (PRN#1) capable of transmitting
L2C that:

in RT17: in an epoch you either can get L2(P2) or L2C for these SVs

in RT27: in an epoch you can get both L2(P2) and L2C for these SVs


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