[teqc] odd teqc bug found

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Sat Apr 11 14:48:47 MDT 2009

Re: email to teqc list 23 Oct 2008

This week, after sorting through some qc multipath issues discovered
for a handful of sites archived at CDDIS, I determined that
condition (1) in the above email is _not_ required for the
incorrect qc to occur -- just conditions (2) and (3):

2) the "# / TYPES OF OBSERV" header line precedes the "REC # / TYPE / VERS"
header line, and

3) the receiver type is identified in the "REC # / TYPE / VERS" header line
as being from an Ashtech receiver (i.e. the type field starts with "ASHTECH")

If both of these conditions occur when using a teqc version between
19 Mar 2008 and before 22 Oct 2008, the resulting qc is potentially
wrong and should not be used.

There are two solutions:

a) Use a version of teqc that is 22 Oct 2008 or later. The last
full build release of 23 Mar 2009 accomplishes this goal:
or a version of teqc older than 18 Mar 2008.


b) Edit the RINEX obs file so that the "REC # / TYPE / VERS"
header line occurs _before_ the "# / TYPES OF OBSERV" header line
if you need to continue to qc RINEX using a teqc version from
19 Mar 2008 to before 22 Oct 2008.

You only need to do (a) or (b) -- not both -- and then if and only if
both conditions (1) and (2) are true, and also note, this is
a bug regarding qc of RINEX, i.e. not translation, etc.


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