[teqc] Re: split up observation file

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Apr 21 08:00:24 MDT 2009

Dear Jürgen,

> I'm working at the Onsala Space Observatory - Univeristy of Chalmers -
> Göteborg, Sweden. I'm trying to split my observation files with TEQC. 
> But it doesn't work correctly. I couldn't find an adequate example on
> the tutorial page.
> need something like:
> 	<terminal>: tecq -INPUT MYOBSFILE.09o -OUTPUT NEWOBSFILE.09o -START
> 2009,04,20,00,00,00 -STOP 2009,04,20,23,59,45

I'm cc-ing the teqc list because this looks like a great use of the -tbin option

I suggest trying:

teqc +obs + -tbin 1d NEWOBSFILE MYOBSFILE.09o

although you probably want something different than "NEWOBSFILE"
for the prefix of the output files.  If you really only want one
day's worth of data out of MYOBSFILE.09o, then you have to do
explicitly do the windowing limits:

teqc -st 2009-04-20_00:00:00 -e 2009-04-20_23:59:45 MYOBSFILE.09o > NEWOBSFILE.09o
teqc -st 2009-04-20_00:00:00 +dh 23.999 MYOBSFILE.09o > NEWOBSFILE.09o

(The -st/-e date strings can be shorter, from the left, if the file
MYOBSFILE.09o starts in 2009, starts in April, ...)

> Further I'm interested in an Checkup-Routine, because I think there are
> bad epochs in my RINEX-DATA. Is it possible to EXCLUDE Epochs?

??  I can't even imagine what you are thinking about.  "Bad epochs"?
Bad in what way?

> Thanks and kind regards


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