[teqc] How to use "-O.sum[mary] s"

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue May 26 11:57:28 MDT 2009

Dear Swen,

> What I would like to do is:
> - read an existing RINEX-file
> - create a summary by using "-O.summmary"
> - write a new RINEX-file with this summary.
> The option "-O.sum[mary] e" works well,
> but I want to use "-O.sum[mary] s"
> which causes the following error message:
> ---
> teqc: failure to read " 09  5  4  0  0  0.0000000  0 11G12G27G26G 1G10G30G 9G15G 2G 5G24" on line 18 of "TS071240.09O"
>         (current epoch precedes last epoch) ... exiting
> ---
> I could not find any example for "-O.sum[mary] s" in the www.
> and I would be very happy to get one fom your organisation.

Ack! -O.sum?! I don't ever remember the last time anyone actually
tried using that option! Glad to hear that '-O.sum e' still works,
though. :)

'-O.sum s' used to work (eons ago), but it hasn't had any attention
paid to it in a long time.

The whole purpose of those summary lines in RINEX was to enable
users to use ASCII tools like `grep` to get some rough idea of
which observables were present.  Is there any particular reason
that you really need them in the header, i.e. '-O.sum s', rather
than at the end?


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