[teqc] TEQC windowing

Virdis Salvatore virdis at unisi.it
Wed Jun 10 00:10:58 MDT 2009

Dear TEQC list
My name is Salvatore Virdis, I'm a Post-Phd fellow at Siena University, 
Centre for GeoTechnologies.

I'm a new user of  TEQC software.
I would like to cut my rinex file coming from our permanent station in 
blocks of 24 hours.
I'm typing this string:

teqc -st YYYYMMDD235955 -e YYYYMMDD235955 +dh 24 namefileiput.09o > 

Is this command correct?
I'm using WindowsXP version.

Thank you in advance
Kind regards,

Salvatore Virdis

Centro di GeoTecnologie CGT
Università degli Studi di Siena
Via Vetri Vecchi 34
52027 - San Giovanni Valdarno (AR) - ITALY
e-mail:  virdis at unisi.it
Phone: +39 055 9119431
Fax:     +39 055 9119439 

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