[teqc] -tbin and nav file question

Homan, Thomas thoman at co.gila.az.us
Mon Jun 15 15:20:52 MDT 2009

A follow-on question

'eqc +relax +nav +,+ -tbin 2m tom davn258a.05n' results in nav files on
1hr settings to be created. Changing the tbin rate below 1 hour appears
to have no effect on the nav file creation rate. Is there something I
can do to get matching nav file? 


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Yes, those are exactly analogous:

'+nav +' for tbinned GPS nav files
'+met +' for tbinned met files

It's more complicate if there is GLONASS (and/or SBAS) nav:

'+nav +,+' for tbinned GPS and GLONASS nav files '+nav +,+,+' for
tbinned GPS and GLONASS and SBAS nav files '+nav -,+' for tbinned
GLONASS nav files etc.


> I've been trying, without luck, to utilize the -tbin function. I can 
> generate the split obs files just fine but cannot generate split nav 
> files to go with the corresponding new obs files. Is there a command 
> along the lines of the '+obs +' section that generates the new nav 
> file as well? This would be for a windows environment.
> Thanks
> Tom
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