[teqc] -tbin and nav file question

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Jun 15 15:27:13 MDT 2009

You should look at the actual epoch times of the nav messages in
those files.  E.g. currently GPS nav messages are only for every
two hours.  So there might not be a "matching" nav file for
every obs file when you start trying to window things down too far.


> A follow-on question
> 'eqc +relax +nav +,+ -tbin 2m tom davn258a.05n' results in nav files on
> 1hr settings to be created. Changing the tbin rate below 1 hour appears
> to have no effect on the nav file creation rate. Is there something I
> can do to get matching nav file? 
> Tom
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> Tom,
> Yes, those are exactly analogous:
> '+nav +' for tbinned GPS nav files
> '+met +' for tbinned met files
> It's more complicate if there is GLONASS (and/or SBAS) nav:
> '+nav +,+' for tbinned GPS and GLONASS nav files '+nav +,+,+' for
> tbinned GPS and GLONASS and SBAS nav files '+nav -,+' for tbinned
> GLONASS nav files etc.
> --lou
>> I've been trying, without luck, to utilize the -tbin function. I can 
>> generate the split obs files just fine but cannot generate split nav 
>> files to go with the corresponding new obs files. Is there a command 
>> along the lines of the '+obs +' section that generates the new nav 
>> file as well? This would be for a windows environment.
>> Thanks
>> Tom

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