[teqc] ionosphere parameters at navigation header massage from uBlox raw data

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Jun 24 11:18:17 MDT 2009

> If you want to see everything, use the '+dump_ion' (for the ION ALPHA and
> ION BETA type header lines) or '+dump_utc' (for the DELTA-UTC: A0,A1,T,W
> header lines), which sends these lines to stderr (or whatever file is
> indicated with the '+err' option).

I should have mentioned that these parameters are only in certain formats
at this time, as follows (as read by current teqc) AFAIK:

Leica MDB 0x16 or 0x7a messages -- all
NavCom binary 0x83 message      -- all
Septentrio (SBF) 4030           -- ion alpha
                  4031 or 5894   -- UTC parameters
                  5893           -- ion alpha and beta
Topcon TPS/Javad JPS [IO]       -- ion alpha and beta
                      [UO]       -- UTC parameters
Trimble .dat 15 or 0x55-3       -- all
u-blox UBX: AID-HUI message     -- all


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