[teqc] Re: Teqc removal of SPLICE COMMENT

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Jul 14 07:28:13 MDT 2009

 > I saw your fore-reply from the teqc message. If the postheader lines
 > have been minimized in number with "teqc -phc", then the splice points
 > have two lines that look like:
 >                              4  1
 > RINEX FILE SPLICE                                           COMMENT
 > You suggested using "grep" command to remove these two lines under
 > UNIX/LINUX Console. Would you please teach me how to remove these
 > two lines under Windows Console? Thank you very much for your kind help.

I would _not_ suggest removing those lines.  They are perfectly acceptable
under the RINEX specification; see e.g ftp://ftp.unibe.ch/aiub/rinex/rinex211.txt
Table A2 and A7.

However, if someone were determined enough, a `sed` (or similar) script in
UNIX/Linux would be the tool, not `grep`.  As for Windows, I have no idea --
short of installing a UNIX environment like Cygwin.


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