[teqc] -tbin RINEX filenaming scheme

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Jul 28 09:06:43 MDT 2009


A query from a teqc user trying out the '-tbin' option reminded
me that I probably never fully explained the RINEX filenaming
scheme that teqc uses with '-tbin'.  For background on '-tbin',


RINEX filenames will be:

   daily  = <prefix><doy>0.<yy>[onghem]
   hourly = <prefix><doy>[a-x].<yy>[onghem]
   minute = <prefix><doy>[a-x]00.<yy>[onghem] - <prefix><doy>[a-x]59.<yy>[onghem]
   second = <prefix><doy>[a-x][00-59]00.<yy>[onghem] - <prefix><doy>[a-x][00-59]59.<yy>[onghem]
   subsec = <prefix><doy>[a-x][00-59]00.000.<yy>[onghem] - <prefix><doy>[a-x][00-59]59.999.<yy>[onghem]


<prefix> -- user supplied
<doy> == day of year
[a-x] for hours 00 - 23
<yy> == year modulo 100
[onghem] -- RINEX suffix, e.g. 'o' for RINEX obs file, etc.

Which filenaming binning is used depends on the -tbin unit
selected or the -ast time unit.  For example is using the
default -ast (i.e. not explicitly specified) and using
'-tbin 30m test', then the minute filenaming binning is used;
but if '-tbin 1h test' or '-tbin 60m test', then the hourly
filenaming binning is used.  `teqc` should select the
coarsest filenaming binning in order to do what you've asked.


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