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Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Aug 3 08:04:51 MDT 2009

Uwe Hessels wrote:
> use teqc the following way:
> teqc -topcon tps +nav rinexfile.09N,rinexfile.09G +obs rinexfile.09O
> +met rinexfile.09M infile.tps
> This is one command line.

Uwe is correct, and just an FYI: the output of the help option is
more for the individual options -- not how to create specific commands
using many options.  For creating commands using many options refer
to the tutorial/manual:


the accumulative release notes (which cover material added since the
tutorial was written), under:


and discussions in this list:


Maybe `teqc +help` should say this, too?  (What's a few more lines
out output on that, anyway.  It's already 364 lines long!)


> Param Gautam schrieb:
>> please
>> we are using topcon instrument and raw data is tps format and raw data
>> actually include o, g, n, m files , i want each one as well as rinex
>> format using teqc. i go through the teqc -help but i could not
>> understand how will write the command.
>> plz tell me what is the exact command for converting the tps file into
>> rinex format and how we can get the all other files (met, n and g
>> files etc.)
>> param
>> On 8/2/09, GPS <gpoleszuk at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I believe that a suggest to next TEQC, not so important, will be
>>> change the function of +help key to
>>> -help = show entire help
>>> +help = show entire help with pause
>>> This could be useful to show help not using pause of system, as I'm using
>>> teqc -help | more
>>> Thanks for this space to feedback
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>>> Guilherme Poleszuk dos Santos Rosa
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