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Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Aug 3 08:46:32 MDT 2009

A Windows and teqc user has gently reminded me that both:

teqc -help | more
teqc -help > teqchelp.txt

are supported under Windows/DOS.  The latter I knew, to the
extent that DOS redirection operation ">" does a mash of both
stdout and stderr, whereas UNIX shell redirection ">" only does
stdout, unless you explicitly want to include stderr which can
be accomplished (in the shells that I use):

into the pipe: teqc +help 2>&1 | ...
into the file: teqc +help > help.txt 2>&1

(C-shell users, you're on your own.
That's all I'm going to say about it. ;)

Of course with `teqc +help` there isn't much or any stderr
so the result is essentially the same for everyone (even
those "C-shell" users). ;)


> Dear Guilherme,
>> I believe that a suggest to next TEQC, not so important, will be
>> change the function of +help key to
>> -help = show entire help
>> +help = show entire help with pause
>> This could be useful to show help not using pause of system, as I'm using
>> teqc -help | more
> Besides the coding hassle, I don't see how the proposed `teqc +help`
> (show help list with pause) is an improvement over the current
> `teqc +help | more` (or `teqc -help | more`, which does the same) --
> expect for maybe Windows users.  The proposal breaks the general
> philosophy of UNIX commands: have each one (where possible) be able
> to accept stdin or a list of filenames and output something reasonable
> to stdout and stderr.  Therefore sending the help to stdout and
> being able to pipe it to `more`, or `less`, or `grep`, or <insert
> your own favorite command> still makes the most sense to me.
> Now for Window users (or even UNIX users), one can do something
> like `teqc +out help.txt +help` which sends all the help text to
> the file "help.txt" and then you read it with your favorite ASCII
> text editor (e.g. Notepad, vi, emacs, ...).
> --lou
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