[teqc] Re: teqc Digest, Vol 65, Issue 2

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Aug 3 15:27:53 MDT 2009


That's a good reminder for everyone.  The '-tbin' option is gaining
in popularity.  Just a further reminder for everyone, not only does
it split files, but you can use it to merge input files, like converting
hourly input into daily RINEX output files -- as long as the input files
are listed in time order.


> Thanks by your comments about my suggest.
> I would like to remember Param Gautam that he can use an intersting key 
> of TEQC toghether with translate parameter to manage the output filenames.
> teqc -topcon tps +obs + +nav +,+ +obs + +met + -tbin 1d site inputfile.tps
> This command generates
> site[doy]0.[YY]n
> site[doy]0.[YY]m
> site[doy]0.[YY]o
> If you need hourly files, please change "1d" to "1h". In this case, the 
> input files can be all raw data files. So, the output files wiil be
> site[doy][s].[YY]n
> site[doy][s].[YY]m
> site[doy][s].[YY]o
> where
> s - section letter (00h-a, 01h-b,....23h-x)
> If I was not clear in my english, please, feel free to ask me anything 
> you want.
> I hope this helps!
> __________________________________
> Guilherme Poleszuk dos Santos Rosa

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