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Wed Aug 5 20:51:12 MDT 2009


I'm don't know if I'am wrong when I try to extract met file from Trimble dat
file. When I use

teqc -tr d +obs obs +nav nav +met met datfile

met file is created, but when I use

teqc -tr d +obs + +nav + +met + -tbin 1h site datfile

the met file are not created.

Please, see that

teqc -tr d -week 1542 +obs + +nav + +met + -tbin 1h site datfile.dat
teqc: creating file site213g.09n ...
! Notice ! GPS week in RINEX GPS NAV = 1543; (default) GPS week = 1542
teqc: creating file site213f.09o ...

My teqc version

teqc +id
executable:  C:\tools\teqc
version:     teqc  2009Mar23
build:       MSXP|IAx86-PII|bcc32 5.0|MSWin95->XP|486/DX+
system time: 2009 Aug 06 01:47:52 UTC    GPS week= 1543
contact:     Lou Estey (email: lou at unavco.org ; tel: [+001] 303-381-7456)
email forum: teqc at unavco.org  http://ls.unavco.org/mailman/listinfo/teqc

So, are there something wrong with last command or it is a bug?

Thank you.

Guilherme Poleszuk dos Santos Rosa
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