[teqc] -tbin and met file

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Aug 6 07:25:27 MDT 2009


> I'm don't know if I'am wrong when I try to extract met file from Trimble 
> dat file. When I use
> teqc -tr d +obs obs +nav nav +met met datfile
> met file is created, but when I use
> teqc -tr d +obs + +nav + +met + -tbin 1h site datfile
> the met file are not created.

> So, are there something wrong with last command or it is a bug?

In the first command, is there actually anything in file "met", or
is it just an empty file?

If there's no (readable) met data in the input file, then the
first command will create open file "met" for writing immediately,
but then nothing gets written to it, so it would end up empty.
Then using the second command on the same input file, the -tbin
logic only opens a file when it encounters some data (obs, nav, met)
and then opens for writing the appropriate file if it hasn't been
done yet for the time period of the data.


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