[teqc] Interpolation/upsampling of rinex

bg at lysator.liu.se bg at lysator.liu.se
Tue Aug 18 15:15:45 MDT 2009

Hi Lou and Bob,

Clearly teqc does not, and will not, do interpolation.

The following might be slightly off topic for the teqc list.

I am well aware of Nyquist. My application involves 10Hz kinematic rover
data and bought 1Hz reference station data. 10Hz ref station data is not

Here are two published papers discussing successful interpolation in the
application I have.



> Hi Lou:
> I agree with your sentiments, but under the correct conditions
> interpolated data is perfectly OK and valid. IF, and that is a BIG IF,
> the frequency content of the analog signal before sampling has no energy
> above Nyquist (half the sampling rate) then one can reconstruct the
> continuous, analog signal at any arbitrary time, not just at the
> samples. The IF is SO BIG, however, that anyone proposing to
> upsample/interpolate is most probably not doing something valid (just
> the fact that they are asking indicates they probably don't understand).
> Bob
>>> Teqc is a versatile tool for manipulating rinex files. Does it also do
>>> upsampling/interpolation of rinex data? I have not found any
>>> description
>>> in the manual/tutorial.
>> Teqc make data up out of thin air?  That's a big "no".
>> --lou

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