[teqc] teqc on Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Frederick Blume blume at unavco.org
Wed Sep 2 22:16:15 MDT 2009

OSX teqc users,
The Mac version of teqc is compiled on a PPC machine running 10.5  
(Leopard), which cannot be upgraded to 10.6.  It is compiled as a PPC  
executable but runs seamlessly on Intel-based Macs under Rosetta  
(built-in translator) under system 10.5

I tested teqc on an Intel 10.6 (Snow Leopard) installation and found  
that Rosetta is not installed by default during the upgrade process.   
This can be done at any time, either by selecting it as a custom  
option when you upgrade or later - the installer is found in the  
"Optional Installs" or can be auto-installed by launching a PPC-only  
application from the 10.6 Finder.

Once Rosetta is in place teqc works perfectly in 10.6


Dr. Frederick Blume
Sr. Project Manager
6350 Nautilus Dr.
Boulder, CO  80301-5553

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