[teqc] (d)rift between Javad JPS and Topcon TPS

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Oct 5 11:09:29 MDT 2009

While on this general topic, some of you are probably aware that
Javad and Topcon are now going their own separate ways.  For data,
though, this presents a peculiar problem.  There are now independent
formats, JPS and TPS, which are essentially indistinguishable, i.e.
normal JPS and TPS start with a [JP] message, then probably an [MF]
message, some [PM] messages, etc. -- all formated the same way.
Luckily, as far as I know, the only significant divergence of JPS and
TPS _at the moment_ is for the [rc] message that can be used to store
L1 pseudoranges: there is a different decoding of the pseudoranges in
[rc] for SBAS data between JPS and TPS.  (Also, as far as I know,
Javad has defined a number of new GNSS messages for GPS L2C data and
L5 data, and these message types are not yet in use in TPS.)

Over time, though, there is probably going to be a growing problem
with the JPS/TPS divergence (unless Javad and Topcon can agree on
some way to distinguish their now unique formats).  I'll try to keep
things straight, but there will be also be a growing onus on the user
to know what they are dealing with and to use the correct flags
when using teqc, i.e.:

JPS: '-javad jps'
TPS: '-topcon tps'

Just thought you all should know this.


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