[teqc] Re: teqc Digest, Vol 65, Issue 5

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Oct 12 09:05:13 MDT 2009

 From Aug 7th:

>> In the first command
>> teqc -tr d +obs obs +nav nav +met met datfile
>> when TEQC finishes, my met file is created and has observables.
>> but, when I use
>> teqc -tr d +obs + +nav + +met + -tbin 1h site datfile
>> the met file are not created when TEQC finishes
> Thanks for the clarification, and, yes, I was able to
> duplicate this negative '-tbin' result for creating the
> met files -- at least from Trimble .dat format, and I
> suspect the same is true for all or most other formats
> with met.

The '+met +' option with '-tbin' will be working in the
next official release, which I hope to get out later this month.
Stu Weir, who is helping with new teqc development, tracked this
bug down, which turned out to require removing old code, rather
than adding something.  (The old code was to prevent the final
met data handling if there was no met output file pointer defined.)
The original code would have worked with some met data cases,
but not for cases where the met data is stored in an ASCII string
like NMEA -- which is the normal case in Trimble .dat (RT17) or
.tgd (RT27) files.


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