[teqc] latest version of teqc on-line (19 Oct 2009)

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Oct 19 10:26:45 MDT 2009


The latest development version (19 Oct 2008) of teqc is on-line:
As usual, save a copy of your current executable in case there
is some unexpected problem with the new executable.

The main fixes and changes since 23 Mar 2009 are given in detail in:
but I'll give a very brief summary here:

* expansion of reading of Javad JPS format for their newest GNSS
messages, including messages for GPS L2C and L5

* fixes for the '-O.sum s' and '-O.sum e' options (writing to
the RINEX OBS header), and introducing '-O.sum .' (writing the
equivalent to stdout or file specified with '+out' option); see
http://ls.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2009/000857.html and earlier
emails in that thread

* consistent output strategy for GPS L2C and L2P(Y) observables for
all native formats that teqc currently reads (see 3 Aug 2009 entry
in http://facility.unavco.org/software/teqc/log.html )

* fixes on various little details for reading Trimble's RT27 data
payload (either as record 27 in .tgd file or record 0x57-6 in stream

* bug fix for '-tbin' option when requesting time-binned met
files with '+met +'; see http://ls.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2009/000904.html
and earlier emails in that thread

* initial attempt at differentiation between reading Javad JPS
and Topcon TPS formats as they drift apart; see

* bug fix for reading met data from JPS/TPS [>>] external event
messages on Linux and Windows teqc builds

* introduction of new '+plot2', analogous to old '+plot', which
handles full GNSS constellations and data

* introduction of new '-sv_reset' -- currently only takes affect
when reading JPS/TPS data; this option suppresses a reset of the
SV list when a data corruption is detected

* old option '-glonass_n' replaced with '-glonass_s2fcn' (specifies
filename with GLONASS slot # to frequency channel # mapping)

* usual updates of the IGS receiver and antenna names

* various bug fixes

Please report any abnormal or unexpected behaviour.


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