[teqc] addition of new line in qc output for gross SNR statistics

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Nov 5 08:54:11 MST 2009


The next version of teqc (or any interim version from today
onward) will output a new line in the qc output.  The line
shows the overall mean S1, S2, and S5 (if present), for measurements
above the elevation mask if qc full or all measurements if
qc lite, along with the standard deviation (sigma) and the
number of SNR observations.  The current output (which is
not cast in stone yet) looks like:

Mean S1 S2              : 46.69 (sd=4.15 n=8419) 41.84 (sd=3.57 n=8130)

The units for the mean and standard deviation are whatever
are in the input, e.g. the norm now for modern receivers and
formats is units of dBHz.

For any one dataset, the use of these statistics is not too
meaningful.  But, some preliminary work done here at UNAVCO,
mainly by Chuck Meertens and Freddy Blume, for permanent
stations where the data collection is periodic (e.g. daily)
and fairly consistent, suggests that monitoring the mean
SNR over time (i.e. over many datasets) can be useful in
diagnosing problems at a site, e.g. an antenna LNA going bad.

Comments welcome.

Also, if you are interested in trying this out before the next
official teqc release, please let me know.


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