[teqc] how to extract met file from topcon netg3

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Dec 10 07:46:35 MST 2009


Ok, there is the expected "wrapped echo" [>>] message
in the .tps file:


and the data was collected on serial port C, but it looks
like some sort of binary format and is _not_ an expected NMEA
met format, like, say:

 >>037b$PASHS,XDR,P,0.94779,B,G6,C, 19.08,C,G6,H, 63,P,G6

(In this example from another .tps file the data was collected
on serial port B, and we have met data for pressure, temperature,
and relative humidity.)

You've collected something that teqc can't interpret.


> Ok, I will attach the tps file.
> Thanks
> susilo
>> Susilo -
>>>  have some problem when i try to extract meteo rinex file from topcon
>>> netg3 (tps).
>>> the error is " uknown MET or other external string format: '008c00P9B9'
>>> ".
>>> my command is teqc -top tps +met test.09m test.tps>test.09o
>>> how to resolve that?
>> Given what you are showing me here, there is no fix.
>> The teqc command you are using is correct.  Are you
>> sure there are met strings in the TPS file?
>> --lou

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