[teqc] new options for next teqc release

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Dec 14 10:46:34 MST 2009

By user request, and functionality that I've been considering for
a while, the next teqc release will have two new options:


which will allow you to specify which observables that you want to
drop if they are present on input for RINEX-to-RINEX or by default
for raw-to-RINEX.  Examples:

You want to eliminate RINEX "C2" if it exists in RINEX obs 2.11:

teqc -O.-obs C2 in.obs > out.obs

You want to eliminate the rain and hail indexes in RINEX met 2.11
during translation (because RI and HI are now "on" by default to
automatically accommodate Vaisala WXT510 and WXT520 met packs):

teqc -M.-obs ri+hi +met out.met in.raw > out.obs

Caveat: you can't use both -O.obs and -O.-obs in the same command,
or both -M.obs and -M.-obs in the same command.  Whichever shows
up first is the one that is used.

If anyone wants to try an interim build of teqc with this functionality,
please let me know (_and_ please send the build line from `teqc +id`).


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