[teqc] ubx with high rate data

Sam Storm van Leeuwen samsvl at nlr.nl
Mon Jan 18 01:29:25 MST 2010


As far as I can remember: both TIM and Antaris-4 have max 10Hz raw data output,
while position output is at 4Hz max.


At 05:21 PM 1/15/2010 +0100, you wrote:
>hi Julien,
> > "teqc 10hz.ubx > 10hz.obs" and with "teqc -O.int 0.1 10hz.ubx > 10hz.obs"
> >
> > With these two commands the result is a RINEX file with data interval of
> > 0.2 sec. The original data are 10hz.ubx to 0.1 sec.
>Related question for you: Which u-blox product samples at 10 Hz?
>I just did a quick check and the majority still have a max of
>4 Hz update rate, though the UBX-G6010 chip can go at 5 Hz.
>(I fuzzily recall some u-blox module or chip being capable of
>10 Hz a number of years ago ... or maybe that's my faulty memory.)
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