[teqc] R7 translation query

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Jan 28 12:52:19 MST 2010

> I am working with an R7 dat file. I am not familiar with that files but 
> I tried to translate it with the newest version of teqc. I read the 
> tutorial but I couldn't find anything concerning R7. I tried with the 
> same command as for a T4700 but I think I didn't succeed because I got 
> an obs file, but I also had a strange message related to the antenna and 
> something about the code.
> Can anyone help me? My OS is Windows XP.

There's really nothing special about a .dat file from an R7 vs. a .dat
file from some other Trimble receiver.

> c:\copia>teqc -tr d -week 1566 48540130.dat > 48540130.10o           

Only use the 'week' option if you absolutely sure you have the right
week value for the start of the data.  In most cases, you won't need
to use this option unless teqc suggests that it might be necessary.

> ! Notice ! unknown Trimble antenna type (Record 16)= 'E'                                          
>  ! Notice ! unknown Trimble antenna type (Record 16)= 'KS'

Trimble stores the antenna type in the .dat file as a 2-letter code.
Either the translation for any particular code to the more usual IGS
ASCII text description is built into teqc, or it isn't not.  (If not,
the antenna type in the output RINEX obs file is not populated with
anything useful unless you are using the '-O.at' option to specify
your own ASCII text description of the antenna type.)

The only thing strange here is that the .dat file has two different
2-letter codes for the antenna.  Did you do an antenna swap in the
middle of data collection?

>  ! Notice ! Trimble .dat record 0x28 unknown or not coded yet ... skipping                          

Your .dat has a record 40 (0x28) that teqc knowns nothing about.
Nothing to worry about.


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